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Working together: Multidisciplinary care for cardiometabolic disorders in Asian-Pacific countries

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Plenary Lecture (1) Philip Ding Memorial Lecture
Plenary Lecture (2) Akira Yamamoto Memorial Lecture
Plenary Session (1) 
Plenary Session (2)
Plenary Session (3)
Plenary Session (4)


Adipose-based Chronic Disease
Atherosclerosis 2019: New Advance in Molecular Medicine
Basic Science (1) Inflammatory Mediator in Atherosclerosis
Basic Science (2) Vascular Biology and Endothelial Progenitor Cell
Basic Science (3) Mechanisms of Atherosclerosis
Cardiometabolic Disorders
Cardiometabolic Session (1) Collaboration with Diabetes Association ROC (Taiwan)
Cardiometabolic Session (2) Collaboration with Diabetes Association ROC (Taiwan)
Clinical Imaging of Atherosclerotic Disease
Coagulation and Inflammation: A Vicious Cycle in Atherothrombosis
Cross Talk between Heart and Brain (Dementia and Stroke)
Dietary Patterns, Inflammation, and CVD
Educational Seminar: Management of Familial Hypercholesterolemia
Educational Seminar: Overview of Guideline in Asia
Effects of Food Groups and Meal Pattern on Atherosclerosis and CAD
Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Disease in Asia
Familial Hypercholesterolemia
Familial Hypercholesterolemia Alliance
Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Asia-Pacific Regions
From Statin to PCSK9 Inhibitor for CVD
Genetics, ALHD2 Polymorphism, and Cardiovascular Risk
Great Debate (1) Lipid-Lowering Therapy
Great Debate (2) Management of Heart Failure
Great Debate (3): Glucose or Triglyceride Which is More Amenable for Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Asian Diabetics?
IAS, JAS and APSAVD Joint Session: Asian Perspective of ASCVD
Impact of Gut Microbiota on Atherosclerosis and CAD
New Era in Intervention for Atherosclerotic Disease
New Era in Pharmacological Treatment of Atherosclerotic Disease Precision/Personal Medicine in Atherosclerosis
The Interplay Among Inflammation, Atherosclerosis and Arterial Thrombosis
TSLA and EAS Joint Symposium: What is New in the 2019 ESC/EAS Dyslipidemia Guideline?
Use of NOAC in CAD


Workshop (1) From Research, Patents to Products
Workshop (2) Atherosclerosis of Human Aorta and Coronary Artery
Cardiac CT Quiz

Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation (1) Free Paper
Oral Presentation (2) YIA for Basic Science
Oral Presentation (3) YIA for Clinical Science
Oral Presentation (4) Free Paper


Moderated Poster
YIA Poster

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Evening Symposium
Luncheon Symposium
Industrial Mini Seminar


TSLA General Assemble
APSAVD Annual General Meeting
APSAVD Executive Meeting